DESTROYER: ONUS  by Dan Champagne
Volume III, Book I of the Abaddon Trilogy.

The vampire war continues, having spilled out into the streets. And the authorities have taken notice. The Night Reapers get captured. So Laiel Brockade is called back from his long vacation on a boat. His return is not well received, but then again, his ex-friends did ask him back. For a rescue mission. Which isn’t such a good fit for a guy like Laiel. On top of that, the war against the vampires is also a war amongst them, and that front is being handled by Bess, the daughter of Dracula, and her immortal lover, the assassin, Cupideau. Expect body bags and ample property damage before it’s all over… pretty much a regular end to the week for Laiel and his pals.

Genres: Occult & Supernatural, Horror, Action & Adventure, Sub/Urban Fantasy, Humor/Satire, Philosophy, Religion, War, Pre/Post-Apocalyptic.

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Book I: ONUS

01. Wherein the Night Reapers wage battle with the vampire hordes.

02. Wherein the Night Reapers get their asses captured by the Feds.

03. Wherein I’m called back to shore to repay an unforgivable debt.

04. Wherein the Reapers are stuck in a hole, and interrogated.

05. Wherein I’m abducted by the clowns, and a shootout occurs.

06. Wherein Cupideau does battle with an entire vampire planet.

07. Wherein we bust into the black-site bunker, to save my buddies.

08. Wherein Dracula’s daughter parleys with the vampire Masters.

09. Wherein the bunker gets busted up, and busted out of, finally.

10. Wherein the final battle of vamp v. vamp ends, unexpectedly.

Dramatis Personæ:

The Night Reapers: outlaw motorcycle gang.

Greg ‘Tommy’ Thompson: educated thug.

Machinegun Mike: shooter, weapons man.

Crispus McBride: the uncommon outlaw, werewolf.

Father O’Toole: Catholic priest with the True Faith.

Max Schreck: The Vampire, Dracula’s elect.

The Commander: government supernatural black-ops leader.

Laiel Arturus Brockade: bastard, Son of the Devil, Provoker.

Alexis Oliver: necromantic Gypsy witch, gang leader.

Jimbo Givens: the Squire, the Ripper, tech support.

Murder Clowns: Whimsy, Tickles, Weeble, Wobble, Velvet, Button.

Cupideau Ahmee Etienne: immortal, beheaded French assassin.

Bessalina Navalov: vampire Queen, Dracula’s descendant.

Achille Malatesta: some guy, kicks ass, dies saving the day.

The Masters: vampire overlords of a dark, damned world.

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