a series of shorts* by Dan Champagne.

T-Bone and the Angel:
What do you do when your favorite cousin gets killed out on the streets? What if it’s worse than that, and you keep hearing stories that an angel killed him? What if the stories turn out to be true? Well, you knuckle down and strangle the first warlock you meet for information. After that, the angel hunt is on!

The Widow of the Caul:
Dorothy Parker, the new Antichrist-elect, sets the stage for her third attempt to kill Laiel Brockade. She sent Cupideau first, and that didn’t turn out so well. After that, she tried to get her older brother to kill him. That went even worse. Now she’s counting on the third time being the charm. Because if your sword breaks, you draw your dagger…

Rodrigo Borgia:
An immortal child of the Devil leads what might be the one good man in the Vatican on a short trip, the long way around. They face dangers together, and ride with Death himself for a short while. All so Rodrigo Borgia can check out a book from the Vatican Library. The problem being, he doesn’t have a library card. Good thing that Father Grayburne, the Grand Inquisitor of the Holy Roman Church, does.

The Coven:
What happens when the leader of a black magic coven dies, and a new one rises up? Sudden and inevitable betrayal, of course! A schoolteacher, a kidnapping, a violent demon, and the unadulterated master of black magic come together in an unpredictable meeting of the minds. Only the schoolteacher was expecting what happened.

Bonus, unrelated Chapter One:
He can’t die. No, seriously. They’ve all tried to kill him. Hell, even he’s tried, many ways. So, what’s an unkillable psychopath supposed to do to pass eternity? Crime, obviously. Supervillains have all the fun!

Genres: Occult & Supernatural, Horror, Action & Adventure, Sub/Urban Fantasy, Humor/Satire, Philosophy, Religion, War, Pre/Post-Apocalyptic, Supervillainy.

* occurring between Volumes II and III of the Abaddon Trilogy

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