PROVOKER  by Dan Champagne
Volume I of the Abaddon Trilogy.

The Abaddon Trilogy is a character-driven end-times anti-hero anthology, as told by the denizens of darkness. The only ‘good’ character is the alabaster Angel of God’s Wrath, who’s back for business– Smiting the Wicked. This series has tapped similar veins as Game of Thrones (epic, brutal narratives), the Dresden Files (magic, monsters, mayhem), Dexter (murderous ‘hero’), True Blood (sexy, supernatural violence), Sons of Anarchy (the outlaw life), and Gotham (the mad criminal element).

The Scroll of Abaddon (which summons the Destroying Angel who begets the Biblical Apocalypse) has been found, and every vile creature man has ever nightmared of, or (d)evolved into, start creeping out of the shadows, seeking to annihilate one another until a sole victor alone clutches the power of Armageddon in their twisted, evil grasp. All desiring to plunder, subjugate, mutilate, or otherwise demolish Creation itself.

But before that can happen… Laiel Brockade, Son of Perdition, must be killed. He has proven himself a serious and deadly contender in the preternatural arena. Armed with the Devil’s Luck, some powerful sorcery, a posse of psychotic killers, and his feral pet vampire to protect him as he, too, quests for the ultimate magical doodad of destruction. Partly, just so, just maybe, Dad will approve. It ain’t easy living in the ever-shadow of his Big Brother, the Antichrist, especially when regarded as the screw-up of the family. Deserved? Probably. Immolating all upon the Earth and up in Heaven by instigating ‘The End Times’ might just earn Laiel the redemption he so desires… in Hell.

Sons and Daughter of Satan: check. Ruthless biker outlaws: check. Vampires and werewolves: feasting, feuding. Sexy ladies, kicking arse: you betcha. Angels, demons, faeries, gods: yep. Zombies: sorta. Witches, warlocks, ghosts, ghouls: lurking. Magic: abound. Deception, conspiracy, treachery, murder, horror: everywhere. Treasure: for the taking, by force. Cops and robbers: getting slaughtered. Evil: incarnate. General public: unawares, previously. F-bombs dropped: all over the place. An epic Trilogy wherein the fate of existence itself hangs in precarious balance: How else?

Genres: Occult & Supernatural, Horror, Action & Adventure, Sub/Urban Fantasy, Humor/Satire, Philosophy, Religion, War, Pre/Post-Apocalyptic.

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PROVOKER  by Dan Champagne
Volume I of the Abaddon Trilogy.


01. Wherein this noble narrator picks up the trail, and a new ally.

02. Wherein a fat guy has the worst night of his life, afterwhich a monumental meeting takes place.

03. Wherein bad things get talked over, and it’s agreed, there’s no “I” in “Team.”

04. Wherein nightmares are made real, an enemy is introduced, and he eats someone.

05. Wherein God moves a single chess piece, twice.

06. Wherein we’re forced to deal with underground magical Nazis.

07. Wherein enemies meet like friends, and discover some people aren’t as smart as they dress.

08. Wherein evil feeds on evil, and good gets caught in the crossfire.

09. Wherein the magical bunker gets busted, and the booty gets incinerated.

10. Wherein I burn a house down, a cult gets torn down, and the Reaper comes around.


01. Wherein a bad-ass, sad-sack Frenchman joins the game.

02. Wherein the ranks are replenished, many cops meet their maker, and THE Vampire arises.

03. Wherein comes to light an uncomfortable past involving werewolves and witches.

04. Wherein we’re forced to deal with those best never met in a dark alley.

05. Wherein a gumshoe barely escapes being eaten alive. Some other cops? ..not so lucky.

06. Wherein lost lovers are reunited, and fate starts spinning like a top.

07. Wherein is provided another fine example of how nicely evil plays with evil.

08. Wherein evil, with a capital E, reveals its presence.

09. Wherein our ‘heroes’ get blitzed by the French.

10. Remember back when I tore that cult down? Welcome to Level 2, Player 1.


01. Wherein black magic and bureaucracy admix.

02. Wherein we see a Prince in Hell, and his warm welcoming.

03. Wherein old secrets are revealed, and an enemy restores his ally.

04. Wherein evil is betrayed, and wherefrom shadows are escaped.

05. Wherein an angel battles a nightmare.

06. Wherein we frighten a gaggle of misguided youth.

07. Wherein the players assemble, battle-ready.

08. Wherein war pales all else.

09. Wherein the gameboard is reset, with a few new players.

10. Wherein just desserts are dished out.

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PROVOKER  by Dan Champagne
Volume I of the Abaddon Trilogy.

Dramatis Personæ:

Laiel Arturus Brockade: bastard, Son of the Devil, Provoker.

Bessalina Navalov: feral vampire Queen.

The Night Reapers: outlaw motorcycle gang.

Rory Burke: brutal, ruthless gang leader.

Greg ‘Tommy’ Thompson: educated thug.

Ollie, Tank, Big Mac, Crazy Steve: Night Reapers.

Elle Baylake: the Dream Witch.

Rigoletto: the Nightmare.

Paul Havik: the Dark Druid.

Elaine Cobham: Maiden, Matron, Crone.

Tourille: alabaster Angel of God’s Wrath, Earthside.

Sven Von Blutritter: the Clerk, keeper of dark magic.

Krista Cruess: Priestess-Queen to the Unnamed Goddess.

Gaius Laspesa: psychic necromancer.

Indu Dipali Damayanti: fire demigoddess.

The Warlock: Antichrist’s left hand, ancient.

The Nachmann Witches: Agnes, Beatrice, Caroline.

The Fuller Werewolves: Ronan, Abigail, Jonathan.

Cupideau Ahmee Etienne: immortal, beheaded French assassin.

Alexis Oliver: necromantic Gypsy witch.

Crispus McBride: the uncommon outlaw, muscle.

Jimbo Givens: the Squire, the Ripper, tech support.

Machinegun Mike: shooter, weapons man.

Max Schreck: The Vampire, Dracula’s elect.

Hexx 113: spooky travelers, Devil’s elect.

Dawson: human switchboard of the supernatural underground.

Benjamin Arlington: gumshoe, serial killer hunter.

Sara: the Bloody Martyr, the wanderer, the key.

The Angelus Cult: watchers of the Angel and the Martyr.

Jason Gabe: the Saint of the Devil, the crafter.

Bolger: infernal scarecrow, gallows construct.

Dorothy Parker: Daughter of the Devil, Imperatrix of Hell.

The Antichrist: First Son of the Devil, The Adversary.

Hemet–aa–Sekhmet: magical, mummified Egyptian cat.

Stanley Poss: field agent, dark enforcer.

Archibald Westphal: occult scientist, nerd.

Matthew St. Claire: CEO, dark magician.

Antiphes: Gadarene Demon of the ritual planck.

Andrew Slade: the fat Apprentice, living grimoire.

Hillary St. Claire: junior occultist, Young Republican.

The Germanenorden Walvater of the Holy Grail.

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Not sure? Try this first:


Nocturnal Whispers:
– the Universe in which the Abaddon Trilogy resides.
– a series of shorts, occurring within same-named ‘verse.

the Abaddon Trilogy:
– the Trilogy comprises three Volumes.
– each Volume consists of three Books.
– every Book contains ten Chapters.
– most Chapters have Sections.

[~~]: same narrative(s), change(s) in time/space/realm.
[~~~]: change in narrative(s), potential change(s) in time/space/realm.
[~]: interlude, often new narrative(s), usually caught in/near the act of dying.