SEDUCER: ALLIANCE  by Dan Champagne
Volume II, Book I of the Abaddon Trilogy.

Laiel Brockade is missing. He has been, for close to a year, although it’s only just now that most of his friends and allies are realizing it. That’s what happens when you’re a son of the Devil, with an unlisted phone number. But now, they’re on the case. And with the Devil’s Reapers motorcycle gang, the unshakable detective Ben Arlington, the immortal assassin Cupideau Ahmee Etienne, even Laiel’s apprentice Andy, as well as one new-crowned shadow Prince searching for him, it’s only a matter of time before the man is found and brought out into the light.

But the children of the Devil don’t do well in bright light, and Laiel has finally realized just how small of a chess piece he is on the really big gameboard. His opponents have made their moves. Now it’s time for Laiel and his coven to start making some of their own.

Genres: Occult & Supernatural, Horror, Action & Adventure, Sub/Urban Fantasy, Humor/Satire, Philosophy, Religion, War, Pre/Post-Apocalyptic.

a PonderHouse


01. Wherein the form of wolf and man become as one, much to a regular guy’s dismay.

02. Wherein we meet another of Laiel’s friends. A demonic bloodsucking sociopath. No surprises there.

03. Wherein an unsuspecting pack of wolves and a lovestruck decapitated Frenchman set out upon a quest together.

04. Wherein the rescue of the fat Hellbound apprentice serves up slaughter for dinner.

05. Wherein a Prince takes up cloak and crown, and sits upon his throne of shadows.

06. Wherein the waiting room of another fell Prince some wary conversations, and a few drinks, are had.

07. Wherein shadows serve their Prince, an assassin gains a wife, and heroes escape from darkness to light.

08. Wherein a vampire and a biker thug take a stroll through the woods, down a crevasse, and up to the top of a mountain. All to pick up the fat kid.

09. Wherein the allies are gathered at last, and a rescue operation is discussed.

10. Wherein the rescue operation goes into play. Not as smoothly as some would have preferred…

SEDUCER: ALLIANCE  by Dan Champagne
Volume II, Book I of the Abaddon Trilogy.

Dramatis Personæ:

Peter: Wolfsinger, the Obsidian Prince.

The Bisclavret Werewolves: Guillaume, Didier, Olivie.

Cupideau Ahmee Etienne: immortal, beheaded French assassin.

Eftemie Shaithisanu: gentleman vampire of the Nagyszalonta.

Dawson: human switchboard of the supernatural underground.

Greg ‘Tommy’ Thompson: educated thug.

Andrew Slade: the fat Apprentice, living grimoire.

Sir Taeliesinn: the Evil Prince, keeper of The Mirror.

Bessalina Navalov: vampire Queen, Dracula’s descendant.

Patel: Caitiff Angel of the Heavenforge.

Elterenne: Gadarene Demon of the Hellforge.

Antiphes: Gadarene Demon of the ritual planck.

Benjamin Arlington: gumshoe, serial killer hunter.

The Devil’s Reapers: outlaw motorcycle gang.

Alexis Oliver: necromantic Gypsy witch, gang leader.

Crispus McBride: the uncommon outlaw, muscle.

Jimbo Givens: the Squire, the Ripper, tech support.

Simon Diamond: supernatural serial killer.

Abigail Fuller: werewolf, covener of the Antichrist.

The Warlock: Antichrist’s left hand, ancient.

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