Volume II, Book II of the Abaddon Trilogy.

Laiel Brockade has been found. Fallen down a dark hole for a year, he’s been rescued and brought up into the light once more. But he’s not doing so good. He looks a little chipped around the edges, like a smile with broken teeth. But he’s making his big comeback. And with one of the Devil’s own sons, a ‘Big Comeback’ takes on fantastic, destructive new meaning. His gang’s teeming with monsters and brimming with magic, and they’re out for blood. The problem is, they aren’t wise to the true depths of evil within the man they’re jobbing for. Laiel has some ideas all his own on how exactly to hop, skip, and jump his way to the other side of the checkerboard of darkness. The jester of the Devil’s court, your friend and mine, Mr. Laiel Arturus Brockade, is nearly positioned to shout “King Me!” That, or he’ll flip over the gameboard and shoot his opponent dead. Either way, he’s not just playing to win… He’s cheating.

Genres: Occult & Supernatural, Horror, Action & Adventure, Sub/Urban Fantasy, Humor/Satire, Philosophy, Religion, War, Pre/Post-Apocalyptic.

a PonderHouse


01. Wherein our ‘hero’ gets talked down to by his Big Brother.

02. Wherein Jesus makes a fatal, immortal mistake.

03. Wherein the allies are sized up for slaughter.

04. Wherein the holy battle the unholy, and lose.

05. Wherein the allies take a leisurely stroll through the forest.

06. Wherein an enemy finally finds her power, and then seeks more.

07. Wherein many forgotten enemies are re-fought inside the spooky mind-house.

08. Wherein we almost say a bloody farewell to most of the allies.

09. Wherein a lot of bad people talk over the particulars.

10. Wherein our hero stumps up some stairs.

Volume II, Book II of the Abaddon Trilogy.

Dramatis Personæ:

Laiel Arturus Brockade: bastard, Son of the Devil, Provoker.

The Antichrist: First Son of the Devil, The Adversary, Seducer.

The Warlock: Antichrist’s left hand, ancient, aka Lazarus.

Death: the Grim Reaper, Thanatos, Azrael, the Pale Rider.

Cupideau Ahmee Etienne: immortal, beheaded French assassin.

Eftemie Shaithisanu: gentleman vampire of the Nagyszalonta.

The Devil’s Reapers: outlaw motorcycle gang.

Alexis Oliver: necromantic Gypsy witch, gang leader.

Greg ‘Tommy’ Thompson: educated thug.

Crispus McBride: the uncommon outlaw, werewolf.

Jimbo Givens: the Squire, the Ripper, tech support.

Benjamin Arlington: gumshoe, serial killer hunter.

Andrew Slade: the fat Apprentice, living grimoire.

Peter Bisclavret: Wolfsinger, the Obsidian Prince.

Elterenne: Gadarene Demon of the Hellforge.

Simon Diamond: supernatural serial killer.

Molly Bethlehem: evil child prodigy.

Caroline Nachmann: medieval witch.

Alekzander: princely ghoul, elect of the Antichrist.

Colleen Wordlow: Satanic schoolteacher, coven leader.

The Holy See: scholars, watchers, asskickers for Christ.

The Inquisitor: holy enforcer, by decree of the Church.

Adoncia Graciela Ramirez: bringer of holy fire.

Jason Gabe: the Saint of the Devil, the crafter.

Machinegun Mike: shooter, weapons man.

Indu Dipali Damayanti: fire demigoddess.

Patel: Caitiff Angel of the Heavenforge.

The Smashsassin: demon-possessed killer viking for hire.

Vickie Lynn Rollins: unholy warrior, 13 Charms of Hell.

The Ghosts: refugee phantoms of the Second Golgotha.

Sir Taeliesinn: the Evil Prince, keeper of The Mirror.

Father Grayburne: replacement Inquisitor, in training.

Cardinal Desdemonde: the Clerk of the Holy Inquisition.

Rodrigo Borgia: Pope Alexander VI, Son of the Devil.

Dorothy Parker: Daughter of the Devil, Imperatrix of Hell, Destroyer.

Abigail Fuller: werewolf, the Dark Spirit of the Woods.

Bolger: infernal scarecrow, gallows construct.

Bessalina Navalov: vampire Queen, Dracula’s descendant.

Tourille: alabaster Angel of God’s Wrath, Earthside.

Sara: the Bloody Martyr, the wanderer, the key.

Max Schreck: The Vampire, Dracula’s elect.

Hexx 113: spooky travelers, Devil’s elect.

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