Volume II, Book III of the Abaddon Trilogy.

Laiel Brockade is back. A little less pretty, a little unsteady on his feet. But despite all of that, he’s gone to war. To defeat the opponents arrayed against him demands every last ounce of the power, ingenuity, and evil that he’s known for. But nothing ever works out quite to order for the most wayward son of the Devil, now does it? A conflict of many sides, where every hand holds a dagger, and every dagger hovers at someone’s back. At last his plans come to fruition, but the fruit borne thereof is sour indeed, because by the end he’s achieved everything that he set out to do. Much to his dismay…

Genres: Occult & Supernatural, Horror, Action & Adventure, Sub/Urban Fantasy, Humor/Satire, Philosophy, Religion, War, Pre/Post-Apocalyptic.

a PonderHouse


01. Wherein a little girl plays the flute for the Devil, and a lot of people get eaten alive.

02. Wherein an elder vampire puts his house in order, and our protagonist slips a note to his Dad.

03. Wherein Simon the Mime slips away, and the Young Republicans for Satan are revisited at last.

04. Wherein a scientist reappears, alongside another scientist, Frankenmonstering it in the basement.

05. Wherein the Evil Prince confronts a magical mirror, and is dismayed by what he sees there.

06. Wherein a very bad woman attends a very good play, and the Antichrist visits a gingerbread house.

07. Wherein the winds of war rise on a dark and stormy night.

08. Wherein the various forces of evil converge toward tragedy and triumph in turn.

09. Wherein a meeting of men and angels, as well as two brothers, long in the making, finally occurs.

10. Wherein our hero is abandoned, and sets adrift at sea.

Volume II, Book III of the Abaddon Trilogy.

Dramatis Personæ:

Flora Quinne: the Flutist, favored of the Devil.

The Devil: Lucifer, Old Scratch, the Great Deceiver.

The Ur-King: zombifier, skeletal undead mischief-maker.

Laiel Arturus Brockade: bastard, Son of the Devil, Provoker.

Ivaylo: vampire leader of the Vrykolakas, Emperor of Bulgaria.

Bessalina Navalov: vampire Queen, Dracula’s descendant.

The Devil’s Reapers: outlaw motorcycle gang.

Alexis Oliver: necromantic Gypsy witch, gang leader.

Greg ‘Tommy’ Thompson: educated thug.

Crispus McBride: the uncommon outlaw, werewolf.

Cupideau Ahmee Etienne: immortal, beheaded French assassin.

Peter Bisclavret: Wolfsinger, the Obsidian Prince.

Andrew Slade: the fat Apprentice, living grimoire.

Eftemie Shaithisanu: gentleman vampire of the Nagyszalonta.

Elterenne: Gadarene Demon of the Hellforge.

Benjamin Arlington: gumshoe, serial killer hunter.

Jimbo Givens: the Squire, the Ripper, tech support.

Simon Diamond: supernatural serial killer.

Hillary St. Claire: junior occultist, Young Republican.

Archibald Westphal: occult scientist, nerd.

Fusuko Nabeshima: necromantic reanimator.

The Ghosts: refugee phantoms of the Second Golgotha.

Sir Taeliesinn: the Evil Prince, keeper of The Mirror.

Vickie Lynn Rollins: unholy warrior, 13 Charms of Hell.

The Antichrist: First Son of the Devil, The Adversary, Seducer.

Molly Bethlehem: evil child prodigy, ward of the Antichrist.

Colleen Wordlow: Satanic schoolteacher, warden.

Machinegun Mike: shooter, weapons man, bodyguard.

Bolger: infernal scarecrow, gallows construct.

Indu Dipali Damayanti: fire demigoddess.

Alekzander: princely ghoul, elect of the Antichrist.

The Warlock: Antichrist’s left hand, ancient, aka Lazarus.

Dorothy Parker: Daughter of the Devil, Imperatrix of Hell, Destroyer.

Caroline Nachmann: medieval Wicked Old Witch.

Tourille: alabaster Angel of God’s Wrath, Earthside.

Sara: the Bloody Martyr, the wanderer, the key.

Cardinal Desdemonde: the Clerk of the Holy Inquisition.

Rodrigo Borgia: Pope Alexander VI, Son of the Devil.

Hexx 113: spooky travelers, Devil’s elect.

Max Schreck: The Vampire, Dracula’s elect.

The Holy See: scholars, watchers, asskickers for Christ.

Adoncia Graciela Ramirez: Holy See Commander.

Jonathan Deathe: Mercenary for hire.

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