Herein is documented the seven+year misfortune cycle of a truly unlucky guy. It begins with the downfall of his employment. But it started many years before. Those details are unimportant. Only what happened, recently…

An all too not-uncommon sequence of events leading to unemployment, financial ruin, near-starvation, disability.

The format is atypical, as is the author.
The downward direction, predictable.
The final purpose, unexpected.

There is inspiration to be found in agony.
It all comes down to what you do with it.

Presented: via outlined dot org realms, with samples included.
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Adapted: from alpha.InspirationalAgony.org [v0.99a]
Preface: at silent.PonderHouse.com/alpha
Concept: upon expounding Ideas.


Be well.


Further Reading: discordant thots of a disabled mind.

Topics: unemployment, divorce, disability, mental health, chronic pain, financial failure, foreclosure, trauma, recovery, programming, technology, innovation, sociology, philosophy, generation why, inspirational agony, mental manifestations, open source.