discordant thots of a disabled mind, vol.iii
  by silent.

dear reader,

this is even more of my brain.. still on disability.

i always carry a moleskine® journal as external brain dump.

if i don't write it down it'll roll around, endlessly. or i forget it, immediately.

this collection is comprised of thots which i did(n't) share elsewhere, and perhaps should(n't) have.

there is no context. there is [little to] no clarification. there only is what there is.

it is all in how you choose to interpret what's written.

volume iii originated within 2016–2017.

chapter choices: all or subdivided.
All: the direct order it came out of my mind.
Div: the attempted categorization of this data.


be well.


– once posted to the internet, stupidity never dies.

– it is easier being feared than loved.. fewer people bother you.

– never, ever barter with your soul. only refinance at a better exchange rate.

– only the pompous, the pious, or assholes, feel the need to shame the ignorant.

– streaming media– it almost makes bearable being home alone (and friendless) every night.

– authorship is an exercise in trusting your creative instincts, and not accepting when told you haven't any.

– i'll always take the other way, the long way, the hard way, the wrong way, over the “do it my way!”

– turns out, you mighta missed your true calling.. too bad that usually means it's already too late.

– life is a learning curve.. around the bend of which awaits your death.

– money– the root of most suffering, which does trickle down.

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