Regarding 's publication

of alpha.InspirationalAgony.*

– It appears to be a 'domain disabook.'¹

– It takes over an hour to get through.

– It may well require longer to understand.

– It is different. That is only partly the point.

– Keep in mind, deliberate use of vague wordage throughout the story.

– It comes in three free* 'flavors'–  Original, Distilled, and Burnt.

~ Original:  [unoriented. ~300KB]²

~ Distilled: alpha.InspirationalAgony.pdf  [linear, fixed format. ~5MB]³

~ Burnt: alpha.InspirationalAgony.epub  ['some' flavor loss. ~500KB]4

Be well.


1. even the author isn't quite sure..5
    what would you think to call it?
2. least understood, most disliked.
3. better understood, not by much.
4. presentation varies wildly..
    fault the e-readers,
    not the author.
5. alternative suggestions:
    (domain) disablog,
    domain faultline,
    dysfun memoir.
    (c)opyright 2012+ [v0.18a]