Regarding 's publication

of alpha.InspirationalAgony.*

– It appears to be a 'domain disabook.'¹

– It takes about an hour to get through.

– It may well require longer to understand.

– It is different. That is only partly the point.

– Keep in mind, deliberate use of vague wordage throughout the story.

– It comes in three free* 'flavors'–  Original, Distilled, and Burnt.

~ Original:  [unoriented. ~300KB]²

~ Distilled: alpha.InspirationalAgony.pdf  [linear, fixed format. ~5MB]³

~ Burnt: alpha.InspirationalAgony.epub  ['some' flavor loss. ~500KB]4

• GBook:  [+ 'scanned']

• Kindle:  *[99¢, no freeloadin' permitted]

• Smash'd:  [which, from whence, begets:]

-- Nook:

-- iBook:

-- Kobo:

– Pick a flavor, give it a 'taste,' then sample another.

..remember to fiddle with Settings, those that be..

Please let us know which you(se) prefer/distaste.

We welcome any/all Feedback/Reviews. do/through those dot coms..

Be well.

1. even the author isn't quite sure..5
    what would you think to call it?
2. least understood, most disliked.
3. better understood, not by much.
4. presentation varies wildly..
    fault the e-readers,
    not the author.
5. alternative suggestions:
    (domain) disablog,
    domain faultline,
    dysfun memoir.
    (c)opyright 2012+ [v0.17a]